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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria for households and individuals

From: The Australian longitudinal study on male health-methods

Inclusion • All private dwellings in a selected SA1.
Exclusion • Non-private dwellings or institutional settings (i.e., hotels, motels, hostels, hospitals, nursing homes, short-stay caravan parks, military bases/barracks, prisons, corrective facilities, boarding schools, university residences, and convents and monasteries.)
Inclusion • Male (self-identified);
• Aged 10–55 years at the time of recruitment;
• Australian citizen or permanent resident;
• Resident in a selected dwelling. NB: part-time residents in a selected dwelling (e.g., children in shared care arrangements) were eligible if they are resident at the time of recruitment of that household;
• Sufficient proficiency in English to complete the study questionnaire/interview.
Exclusion • Males usually residing in non-private dwellings or institutional settings
• Non-Australian diplomats, non-Australian diplomatic staff and non-Australian members of their household;
• Members of non-Australian defence forces stationed in Australia and their dependents;
• Overseas visitors (persons who have stayed or intended to stay in Australia for less than one year).