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Table 1 Provides a summary of participant and data collection timeline

From: E-cigarette puffing patterns associated with high and low nicotine e-liquid strength: effects on toxicant and carcinogen exposure

  Study period
  Enrolment Allocation Post-allocation Close-out
Timepoint -t 1 0 t 0 t 1 t 2 t 3 t 4 t x
 Eligibility screen X        
 Informed consent X        
 Allocation   X       
 Fixed-user setting (6mg/mL nicotine or 18mg/mL)     X X    
 Fixed-user setting (6mg/mL nicotine or 18mg/mL)       X X  
 Demographics (e.g. age, gender, ethnic group, educational qualification) X   X      
 Vaping and previous smoking history X   X      
 Breath carbon monoxide (CO) sample    X X X X X  
 Puffing behaviour and participant reports     X X X X  
 Mood and Physical Symptoms Scale (MPSS) to record withdrawal symptoms    X X X X X  
 Urge to vape    X X X X X  
 Saliva sample    X X X X X  
 Urine sample    X X X X X  
 Adverse events    X X X X X  
 Participant feedback         X
 Debrief         X