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Table 1 Participant characteristics

From: Acceptability of financial incentives for health behaviour change to public health policymakers: a qualitative study

Participant ID Geographical level of current position Current portfolio Currently employed in a commissioning role
1 Regional Smoking cessation No
2 Local Public health Yes
3 Regional Public health Yes
4 Regional Alcohol No
5 Regional Smoking cessation No
6 Regional Health protection No
7 National Public health Yes
8 Local Public health Yes
9 Regional Public policy No
10 National Public health Yes
11 Regional Drugs and alcohol No
12 Local Sexual health Yes
13 Local Sexual health Yes
14 Local Substance misuse Yes
15 Regional Mental health No
16 National Health and wellbeing No
17 Local Public health No
18 National Unknown Unknown
19 Regional Health improvement No
20 Regional Public health No
21 National Public health No