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Table 5 Physical activity related interventions in oil-producing countries in the Arabian Peninsula (Behavioural epidemiology framework, Phase 5)

From: A systematic review of physical activity and sedentary behaviour research in the oil-producing countries of the Arabian Peninsula

Lead Author Country Target Group (Size) Description of Intervention Results
Abduelkarem A [99], UAE Adults with type two diabetes visiting community pharmacies, aged 28–75 years (59) 3-month intervention where community pharmacies dispense self-care reminders (including physical activity advise); assessment carried out at 3-month, 6-month and 24 month by interview survey (59 % response rate) Significant increases in physical activity during intervention period; but not at 6 and 24-months
Al-Eisa E [96], Saudi Arabia Women university students aged 18–25 years (58) 4-week intervention involving Instagram educational and motivational messages to exercise using a 37 min of cardio work out video (81 % response rate) Significant difference between case and controls to adherence to programme; 17 % cases compared to 4 % controls exercised 8+ times during intervention period
Barss P [97], UAE 1st year medical students (41) Lifestyle curriculum involving 5 lectures; one family lifestyle history assessment; 1 week log on dietary intake and physical activity and an oral presentation Significant number of students reported increase in physical activity and stair usage following completion of lifestyle course including 46 % starting exercising regularly and 63 % started using stairs more frequently
Grant N [101], Bahrain Families (30) 8-month family studies programme for 3rd year medical students conducted 10–12 family visits over a period of 8 months. Two-thirds of families reported in qualitative interviews positive behaviour changes including increase in levels of physical activity
Midhet FM [98], Saudi Arabia Community (population size not reported) 1 year intervention in all PHC centres involving training physicians on lifestyle counselling and regular health center-based lectures conducted by health educators and medical students A pre-post test community-based survey found significant increase in levels of brisk walking in men after adjustment for key demographic variables
Sharaf F [100], Saudi Arabia Adults with hypertension, diabetes and coronary artery disease visiting PHC clinics (population size not reported) 6-month intervention involving training of PHC physicians and health educators aimed to increase knowledge and skills on patient education with a focus on diet, smoking and physical activity No significant change in physical activity
  1. All studies provided a brief description of the intervention and reported on behavior change due to the intervention