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Table 1 Theories of the policy process identified

From: The application of theories of the policy process to obesity prevention: a systematic review and meta-synthesis

Name of theory of the policy process Alternative names identified in search
Advocacy Coalition Framework (ACF) Advocacy Coalition Theory
Multiple Streams Theory (MST) Multiple Streams Framework
Multiple Streams Analysis
Three Streams Model
Three Streams Framework
Kingdon’s Theory
Punctuated Equilibrium Theory (PET) Baumgartner and Jones'
Institutional Analysis and Development (IAD) Ostrum
Institutional theory Institutionalism Theory
Garbage Can Model  
Bacchi’s theory What’s the problem represented to be?
Bacchi’s approach
Agenda setting theory  
Rational Choice Theory (RCT) Rational Choice
Actor Network Theory (ANT)  
Policy Network Theory (PNT)  
Theory of Collaborative Policy Networks  
Diffusion of Innovations (DOI)  
Narrative policy framework (NPF)  
Policy Feedback Theory (PFT)  
Social Construction Framework (SCF) Social Construction Theory