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Table 1 Key events surrounding withdrawal of Dalkon Shield IUD

From: Halo and spillover effect illustrations for selected beneficial medical devices and drugs

Product Year Event
Dalkon Shield IUD 1971 Dalkon Shield IUD introduced on U.S. market
1972 Public favorable opinion of IUDs peaks (40 %)
1974 50 % of market share for Dalkon Shield IUD- unique filament design
1974 Reports of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), risk of septic abortion
1974 A.H. Robins Company removes Dalkon Shield from market
1976 Dalkon Shield sparks FDA medical devices act of 1976
1970s-1980s Initial studies: all IUDs increase risk; Later studies: other IUDs safe
1983 FDA: women should remove Dalkon Shield due to PID
1985 A.H. Robins Company files for bankruptcy due to class action lawsuit
1985 Public favorable opinion declines to 20 %
1986 Other manufacturers pull IUDs from market due to economic reasons
1994 Public favorable opinion of all IUDs declines to 16 %
1996 Only 21 % of women associate term safe with the use of IUDs
2000s Lack of doctors trained in IUD implantation