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Table 4 Chosen themes during the coaching sessions in steps “Preparation for RTW (part 1 and 2)”

From: Offering a tailored return to work program to cancer survivors with job loss: a process evaluation

Theme N (% of 54 participants)
Introduction and planning of RTW program and coaching 2 (3.7)
Fatigue and managing energy levels and RTW 38 (70.4)
Cognitive and concentration problems and RTW 24 (44.4)
Stress, fluctuations in work ability and managing work, private life and recovery 43 (79.6)
Communication about cancer at work 28(51.9)
Self-control, self-influence and resilience at work 43 (79.6)
Increasing work ability and endurance in work and recovery 38 (70.4)
Legislation, rights, duties, and opportunities regarding work and illness 29 (53.7)