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Table 1 Components of the process evaluation and data sources for evaluation

From: Offering a tailored return to work program to cancer survivors with job loss: a process evaluation

Components Definition of the component Data sources for component evaluation
Recruitment Result of the recruitment procedures for participants Research logbooks
Reach Proportion of eligible participants who started participation in the tailored RTW program. Research logbooks
Dosage Flow diagram of proportion of chosen routes in the RTW program, and calculated adequate dosage of the program for participants. Frequency of chosen themes during coaching and additional referral to physical or psychological rehabilitation care. Research and intervention logbooks
Implementation Composite score of reach and dosage Scores on reach and dosage
Satisfaction Participants’ satisfaction with the content, intensity, and duration of the tailored RTW program, OHC professionals’ satisfaction of the use of the program along usual care; coaches’ and job hunting officers’ satisfaction in working with the program. Questionnaires for participants, OHC professionals, coaches and job hunting officers
Experienced Barriers within the tailored RTW program Summary of barriers in following or executing the RTW program as experienced by participants, coaches and job hunting officers. Reasons for not being referred to RTW. Research and intervention logbooks, questionnaires, minutes from meetings