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Table 1 Location, Temperature, Rainfall and UV Radiation for 2013–4 in the two Seasonal D Study Regions, Canberra and Brisbane, Australia (Source: Australian Bureau of Meteorology, and Australian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Agency,

From: Investigating the patterns and determinants of seasonal variation in vitamin D status in Australian adults: the Seasonal D Cohort Study

  Latitude Longitude Average noon clear sky UV Index Average Temperature °C Average Rainfall (mm)
    Summer (Jan) Winter (July) Summer (Jan) Winter (July) Summer (Jan) Winter (July)
Brisbane 27.5 °S 153°E 10.7 3.8 30.6 22.1 212.7 26.6
Canberra 35.3°E 149°E 11.5 2.2 31.9 12.8 38.7 29.5