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Table 1 Overview of the different process evaluation items

From: Process evaluation of a tailored mobile health intervention aiming to reduce fatigue in airline pilots

Items Definition Resources
Reach Information on the number of participants (%) and their demographics, compared to the non-participants. Information on all potential participants provided by the airline company.
Dose delivered Total amount of intervention material provided to the participants (%). The number of participants that was sent an email with instructions and login details.
Compliance (dose received) Measured consultation of the tailored advice. Objective: user authentication through the CMS (app) and Google Analytics (website). Subjective: online questionnaire.
Fidelity Information on all changes, updates, and revisions that happened with the app during the intervention period. Calculated as the weighted average of the percentage of weeks the different components of the intervention were delivered as intended. Log.
Satisfaction Participants’ appreciation of the intervention and their opinion on its effectiveness (1–10). Online questionnaire.
Barriers and facilitators (context) Barriers and facilitators of the intervention, experienced by both the researchers and the participants. Researchers: log. Participants: online questionnaire.
Adherence The extent to which participants applied the MORE Energy advices in daily life. Online questionnaire.