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Table 2 Numbers of articles per country reporting services provided in response to VAC, linkage to care/support, and training for health providers related to VAC and interventions

From: Violence against children in Latin America and Caribbean countries: a comprehensive review of national health sector efforts in prevention and response

Country Services for VAC & linkage to care Education & curriculum VAC focused interventions
Brazil 53 15 11
Chile ND 1 1
Colombia 1 1 2
Dominican Republic ND ND ND
El Salvador 1a ND ND
Guatemala 2a ND 1
Honduras 1a ND ND
Mexico 1 ND 1
Nicaragua 2a ND ND
Peru ND ND 2
Puerto Rico ND 1 ND
Trinidad & Tobago ND ND 1
Venezuela 1 1 ND
  1. a One study provided data for 4 countries; ND: no data identified from articles meeting eligibility criteria