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Table 2 Informants’ remarks regarding the second main theme, an increased risk for type 2 diabetes

From: Exploring lifestyle and risk in preventing type 2 diabetes-a nested qualitative study of older participants in a lifestyle intervention program (VEND-RISK)

Varied reactions to the information about being at increased risk (HUNT 3):
“It was okay to get the information and to learn about my health status.” Man, age 66
“It was good to get the message, but I can’t go around being afraid of getting type 2 diabetes.” Woman, age 59
“I stopped wanting to eat sweets when I learned I was at risk for type 2 diabetes.” Woman, age 65
“Actually, I thought it was strange that I was at risk, but I am glad that I found out about it.” Woman, age 65
How attending a lifestyle intervention (the VEND-RISK Study) raised awareness about risk behaviour:
“Now I have the chance to start prolonging my life and improving my health.” Man, age 65
“I thought, now I have to start; I walked before but now I walk at least two hours a day.” Woman, age 74
“I want to learn more about eating healthier to prevent further disease and I want to lose some weight.” Woman, age 63
“I have become far more conscious about the importance of activity and diet.” Man, age 65
“I think it’s easier to stay on track and focus on good habits with the VEND-RISK tests follow-up. It is important to get some objective feedback. It would be much easier to slip back if we did not have the measurements.” Man, age 64
“It is like a carrot to have the VEND-RISK study measurements.” Man, age 63
Health related worries and ambitions as diabetes prevention:
“My husband has diabetes, and he has had to have both legs amputated, and that makes me think about my lifestyle.” Woman, age 66
“My mother went blind because of diabetes, and died young. At that time there was not much known about preventing diabetes.” Man, age 67
“My mother had diabetes and she was obese. She struggled with pain in her joints and just sat in a chair. Because of that I try to take precautions, I ate a lot of sweets before, but now I think more about what I eat and the consequences.” Woman, age 65
“After my father got type 2 diabetes I’ve been very aware of my risk … Also, one of my aunts had to have both legs amputated and that scared me.” Man, age 63
“I don’t want to take medication, so when I learned I was at risk for diabetes I just had to do something and focus more on diet and exercise.” Woman, age 67
“I want to improve my health to stay well as long as possible.” Man, age 66
“It is not too late to do something about your diet and exercise habits; I do not want to sit on a couch and watch television for the rest of my life.” Man, age 65