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Table 4 Representative Quotes from Concordance Analysis of Caregiver-Adolescent Dyads

From: Barriers to HPV immunization among blacks and latinos: a qualitative analysis of caregivers, adolescents, and providers


Row #



Lack of education (concordance)


I: “What factors played a role in your decision not go get the HPV vaccine.”

R: “Umm… me not knowing about it. Not knowing enough.”

I: “And that’s the only thing was the lack of information?”

R: “Yeah.”

“Just because like I said, [the physician] could have given me more information. Then I could’ve read up on it even if I wasn’t going to let him get it anyway. So, it wouldn’t have mattered, but still, I would’ve still wanted to know what it is and I think that that’s the problem that they create these new vaccines and they don’t let the parents know about them, read about them before the scheduled appointment and so when the appointment comes it’s like no, and this is why I’m saying no.”

Mistrust (concordance)


“Yeah, [my caregiver] talked to the doctor, that’s why she said, ‘Oh I don’t know if I want [me] to get it.’ Because there’s a thing that it said it killed people—whatever.”

“To be honest, death wasn’t something I thought about a lot. It wasn’t until I just read that article--how true it is, I don’t know. Supposedly that was the stats that they had, and there were a lot of deaths in it, among other things. But I—I think my mind won—because being paralyzed was one of the other things. [My child] could become paralyzed, it could be temporary and could be permanent… It was that part of that, you know what I mean?”

Association with pain (discordance)


“No, I was just scared of getting it because I haven’t had a shot in a while, so…”

“Well, my daughter’s first question was, ‘Is it going to hurt,’ but, other than that, no [problem].”