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Table 1 Characteristics of the five data sources used in this study

From: Trends in risk factors for coronary heart disease in the Netherlands

Data source Risk factor Study design Response rate N Age range Time period
Doetinchem Cohort Study SBP <65 years
Total cholesterol <65 years
BMI <65 years
Prospective cohort study Baseline 62 % follow-up 75–80 % 7769 at baseline 20–59 Years at baseline 1987–2007
LASA SBP ≥65 years
Total cholesterol ≥65 years
BMI ≥65 years
Prospective cohort study Baseline 55–60 % follow-up 85 % 3107 at baseline 55–85 Years at baseline 1995–2009
STIVORO Smoking Survey ~70 % overall Sample ~20,000 each year Aged 15 years and over 1988–2011
HNUa Diabetes mellitus GP Register/Dynamic cohort study n/a 70,854 in 1996 100,359 in 2012 All ages included 1996–2012
CBS Gezondheidsenquete Physical activity Survey 60–65 % Overall Sample ~15,000 each year Aged 18 years and over 2001–2011
  1. SBP systolic blood pressure, BMI body mass index, LASA Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam, STIVORO Stichting Volksgezondheid en Roken, HNU Huisartsen register Utrecht, GP general practitioner, CBS Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek
  2. aGP register Continue Morbiditeits Registratie-Nijmegen, GP register Registratienet Huisartsenpraktijken-Limburg, the Doetinchem Cohort Study and LASA were used to adjust diabetes prevalences from HNU (see Additional file 1)