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Table 3 Incident active TB cases

From: Tuberculosis progression rates in U.S. Immigrants following screening with interferon-gamma release assays

Case IGRA Ag-Nil, Mitogen (IU/ml) CXR findings HIV Diabetes Smoker TB Class Treatment statusa TB confirmation
1 Neg 0.38–0.11, 20 Pleural thickening, RUL Neg No No B1 None Lung biopsy pathology
2 Pos 0.93–0.12, 2.0 Fibronodular changes, BUL & LLL Unk No No B2 None sputum culture
3 Neg 0.29–0.11, 25 Fibrotic changes, LUL Neg No No B2 Incomplete tx prior to immigrationb sputum culture
4 Pos 2.4–0.12, 25 Fibronodular changes, RUL Neg No No B1 LTBI tx at enrollment sputum culture
5 Pos 9.7–0.70, 24 Normal Neg No No B1 LTBI tx at enrollment sputum culture
6 Pos 3.1–0.12, 8.9 Nodular infiltrate, LUL Neg No No B1 LTBI tx at enrollment sputum culture
7 Pos 1.1–0.16, 6.9 Fibrotic changes, LUL; Effusion, L Neg No No B1 Incomplete LTBI tx at enrollmentc sputum culture
  1. Abbreviations: TB tuberculosis, IGRA interferon-gamma release assay, Ag-Nil interferon-gamma response with antigen minus response without antigen, Mitogen interferon-gamma response to mitogen, HIV human immunodeficiency virus, CXR chest x-ray, Pos positive, Neg negative, Unk unknown, RUL right upper lobe, BUL bilateral upper lobes, LLL left lower lobe, LUL left upper lobe, L left, LTBI latent tuberculosis infection, tx treatment
  2. aTreatment status reflects any TB treatment received up until the time of diagnosis with active TB disease: either overseas treatment for TB infection or disease prior to U.S. entry, or LTBI treatment received in the U.S. after immigration
  3. bDefaulted after 3 months of active TB treatment
  4. cReceived a 1 month prescription for isoniazid but was lost to follow-up. Unclear if patient took any of the medication