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Table 1 imPACT intervention components

From: Individuals motivated to participate in adherence, care and treatment (imPACT): development of a multi-component intervention to help HIV-infected recently incarcerated individuals link and adhere to HIV care

Intervention components Targeted theoretical constructs Content/components
Motivational Interviewing Sessions • Information
• Motivation
• Self-efficacy
• Behavioral Skills
• 2 monthly in-prison face to face sessions, with first approximately 8 weeks prior to release, augmented by:
o cognitive mapping
• 6 bi-weekly phone sessions after release
Accompanying Videos • Information
• Motivation
• Self-efficacy
• Modeling by patient characters
• Information
• Motivation to take responsibility for health
Link Coordination • Environmental Barriers • One-time needs assessment, approximately 4 weeks prior to release
• Schedule appointment at comprehensive, accessible HIV care home
• Provide health care home with needs assessment results
• Arrange for ADAP and drug/Medicaid assistance applications, if needed
• Reschedule appointment up to two times, if missed
SMS Reminders • Reminder • Training in cell phone use
• Assessment of medication regimen
• Tailored reminder messages selected by the participant
• For each ART dose due, SMS reminder message and SMS request to confirm dose taken