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Table 1 Countries included in the analysis and sources of data

From: Did the English strategy reduce inequalities in health? A difference-in-difference analysis comparing England with three other European countries

Country Survey year Survey names
England 1991–1992; 2000; 2010 Health Survey for England
Finland 1989; 1999; 2009 Health Behaviour and Health
The Netherlands 1990 Ongoing Survey of Living Conditions (DLO)
2000; 2009 Permanent Survey of Living Conditions (POLS)
Italy 1990 Multipurpose Family Survey
2000 Health and Health Care Utilization
2010 Multipurpose Family Survey-Aspects of daily living
  1. The Finnish data used in this study are the data combined from the two Finish studies: “Health behaviour and health among Finnish adult population (AVTK)”, which includes respondents who are 15–64 years old, and “Health behaviour and health among the Finnish elderly (EVTK)”, which includes respondents who are older than 64 years