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Table 3 Summary of results and comparison of devices. An item is checked where it had been reported by at least one mother

From: Mothers’ views of their preschool child’s screen-viewing behaviour: a qualitative study

  Television Computer Interactive media
How and why devices are used
 Set/regular time of day/week   
 Ad hoc times of day/week  
 Parent permission only
 Free access  
 Specific content chosen by parent
 Free play   
 With family members
 Supervision needed    
 No supervision needed  
Reasons for use
 For child to rest  
 To calm child, prevent negative behaviour  
 Used as a punishment/reward  
 Family time   
 Computer skills / school ready  
 Distraction tool outside of the home   
Mothers attitude towards screen-viewing
  + Educational
  + Acceptable in moderation and balance
  + Valuable behaviour management tool  
  + Important skill development for child  
 -Concerns about unsuitable content
 -Concerns about addictive nature  
 -Concerns about change in behaviour  
 -Concerns over sedentary nature  
 -Concerns about solitary nature/social skill development   
 -Feelings of needing to use screen viewing rather than wanting to  
Influences of screen viewing
 Child’s engagement to device
 Mothers’ childhood experience