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Table 1 Questions around mothers’ views of their preschool child’s screen viewing behaviours

From: Mothers’ views of their preschool child’s screen-viewing behaviour: a qualitative study

1. Please can you tell me about yourself and your family?
 Probe: who lives with you, what ages are your children, do you and your partner work, what sorts of things do you do together as a family?
2. Can you talk me through a typical week for [child’s name]?
3. So thinking about your preschool child, tell me a bit about him/her - What type of play does your child have a preference for? (E.g. crafts, rough and tumble, imaginary play, watching TV or DVDs?)
4. What do you think about the TV as an activity for preschools children?
 Probe: What types of programmes they watch? How long they watch it for? Who with? What are the pros and cons of watching TV?
5. Does [child’s name] play with/use any electronic media devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, or games consoles?
6. What are your views on these devices for preschool children?
 Probe: When/how do they use them? Who with? Any pros and cons?