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Table 2 Indicators of SOP compliance

From: High quality standards for a large-scale prospective population-based observational cohort: Constances

Measurement Indicator Error
Weight Distribution of decimal Results rounded by operator
Waist (Waist/Abdominal) ratio Palpation of anatomical landmarks not systematically performed by operator
Arterial pressure Distribution of the left/right side for the 3rd reading Two first readings performed on the same arm
Arterial pressure Higher blood pressure Chronograph not respected
Near visual activity Lower Parinaud Specific device to respect distance not used
Far visual activity Higher scores in 1/10 Distance not respected
Audition High distribution of last digit results equal to 0 Test performed with steps of 10db instead of 5 dB
Audition Lower percentage of patient with negative scores Test performed without testing negative values.
Spirometry Lower percentage of acceptable maneuver declared Insufficient patient coaching or training of the study-nurse
Spirometry (repeatability declared/repeatability calculated) ratio Insufficient training of the study nurse