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Table 2 Measures, assessment, expected scaling and measurement occasions

From: Work-related medical rehabilitation in patients with musculoskeletal disorders: the protocol of a propensity score matched effectiveness study (EVA-WMR, DRKS00009780)

Outcome Source and reference Scaling Baseline 3-month follow-up 10-month follow-up
Primary outcomes
 Sick leave duration in weeks Own development metric X X X
 Stable return to work Own development binary X X X
 Subjective work ability WAS [28] metric X X X
Secondary outcomes
 General health COPSOQ (1 item) [30, 31] metric X X X
 Physical functioning IRES-24 [32] metric X X X
 Depression PHQ-2 [33] metric/binary X X X
 Anxiety GAD-2 [34] metric/binary X X X
 Pain intensity CPQ [35, 36] metric X X X
 Pain disability CPQ [35, 36] metric X X X
 Fear of movement FABQ [37, 38] metric X X X
 Physical activity Modified Godin-Scale [39] metric X X X
 Medication use Own development nominal X X X
 Self-management skills heiQ [40] metric X X X
 Employment Own development binary X X X
 Current sickness absence Own development binary X X X
 Subjective prognosis of employment status SPE [41] metric/binary X X X
 Implementation of work-related interventions [19] metric   X  
 Consistency of the work-related strategy [19] metric   X  
 Work-related benefit [19] metric   X  
 Treatment satisfaction CSQ-8 [42] metric   X  
 Income and welfare benefits GPI accounts metric X   X
Therapeutic interventions GPI accounts metric    X
Department characteristics Department survey metric/nominal    X
Other measures
 Risk scores for not returning to work SIMBO [11], WS [12]   X   
 Somatization SCL-90-R [43] metric X   
 Pain generalization Own development metric X   
 Psychosocial stress [44] metric X   
 Socio-demographic data Own development metric/nominal X   
 Size of company [45] nominal X   
 Physical job demands [46] metric X   
 Effort-reward imbalance [47] metric X   
 Overcommitment [47] metric X   
 Support by co-workers and supervisors Own development metric X   
  1. Notes: SCL-90-R Symptom Check-List-90-R, SIMBO Screening-Instrument zur Feststellung des Bedarfs an medizinisch-beruflich orientierten Maßnahmen in der medizinischen Rehabilitation (Screening to assess the need for work-related medical rehabilitation), COPSOQ Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire, CPQ Chronic Pain Grade Questionnaire, CSQ-8 Client Satisfaction Questionnaire, FABQ Fear-Avoidance Beliefs Questionnaire, GAD-2 Generalized Anxiety Disorder Questionnaire, heiQ Health Education Impact Questionnaire, IRES-24 Indikatoren des Reha-Status (Indicators for rehabilitation status), PHQ-2 Patient Health Questionnaire, SPE Subjective prognosis of employment status, WAS Work Ability Score, WS Würzburger Screening