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Fig. 8

From: Countdown to 2015 country case studies: what have we learned about processes and progress towards MDGs 4 and 5?

Fig. 8

Estimated lives saved in Countdown to 2015 case study countries according to Lives Saved Tool (LIST) analyses which are associated with coverage of key interventions. a Children aged 1–59 months. b Newborns <1 month. c Children aged 0–59 months. All countries examine the year 2012 versus 2000 – except Ethiopia (*) which compares the year 2011 to 2000; and Pakistan (**) which compares 2012 to 2006. Negative numbers indicate a decrease in the coverage of an intervention over the period. LiST results from Malawi include averted deaths among children aged 0–59 months (#). Pregnancy and care includes obstetrics, essential newborn care, care of sick newborns and KMC. Nutrition includes breastfeeding, vitamin A supplementation, and measures to reduce wasting & stunting. Prevention and treatment of infections also includes pneumonia, malaria and diarrhoeal treatment, ITNs, vaccines and PMTCT. NB/ Deaths averted are only relating to those that can be explained by change in coverage of intervention

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