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Table 1 Questions from the focus group schedule

From: “It’s my business, it’s my body, it’s my money”: experiences of smokers who are not planning to quit in the next 30 days and their views about treatment options

Question type Questions
Introductory questions What do you like about smoking?
What about the other side…what don’t you like about smoking?
How does it feel to be a smoker in today’s world?
Transition questions For you, what got in the way of quitting in the past?
What is holding you back from quitting now?
Key questions What do you think about the currently available options for quitting smoking?
a) What are the good things about these options?
b) What is lacking in these options?
We would like to develop a programme for smokers who are not ready to quit, what should we include in this programme?
Final question What do you think are the most important points we should take away from the group to design a smoking cessation intervention for smokers like you