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Table 1 Activity characteristics of the research sites

From: Have adults lost their sense of play? An observational study of the social dynamics of physical (in)activity in German and Hawaiian leisure settings

Champagne Pond Pool and Entringen Pool
 • Swimming (lap swimming as well as play)
 • Diving activities (competitive and play)
 • Aqua jogging (usually with swim noodle or inflatable mattress)
 • Teasing one another and dunking each other under water, water splashing and water bombs (mostly children and adolescents)
 • Treading through pool with long breaks at the edge of pool (cooling off in water when it is very sunny and hot)
 • Ballgames in water/pool or on lawn (passing or shooting off friends)
 • Wild, playful running, walking around (mostly young children)
 • Slow/moderate walking around/playing with children by parents
 • Playful jumping into pool or water
Entringen Pool
 • Table-tennis, beach volleyball, football (mostly ball passing)
Champagne Pond Pool
 • Snorkelling (usually while swimming slowly, sometimes supported by swim noodles)
 • Stand up paddle boarding
 • Canoeing
 • Surfing and wakeboarding (outside the lava stone wall of pool)