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Table 2 Summary of regional progress in key areas of the health sector strategy for disaster risk management in the African region as at May 2015

From: Strengthening health disaster risk management in Africa: multi-sectoral and people-centred approaches are required in the post-Hyogo Framework of Action era

Health DRM Strategy component Variable N (%)
Coordination DRM coordination units within the MOH 14 (58)
DRM focal staff within the MOH 21 (88)
DRM committees established 17 (71)
Health DRM subcommittees established 14 (58)
Inclusion of DRM in national policies DRM in legislation 10 (42)
DRM in health policies 4 (17)
DRM health strategic plans available 13 (54)
Risk analysis and mapping Disaster risk analysis conducted 9 (38)
Hospital safety index conducted 3 (13)
HeRAMS conducted 6 (25)
Preparedness planning National preparedness plan available 14 (58)
Contingency supplies available 13 (54)
Simulation exercises conducted 11 (46)
All-hazard strategies and policies National all hazard policies and plans available 9 (38)
  1. DRM disaster risk management, HeRAMS Health Resources Availability Mapping System, MOH Ministry of Health