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Table 1 Nine regional health sector strategy targets for disaster risk management

From: Strengthening health disaster risk management in Africa: multi-sectoral and people-centred approaches are required in the post-Hyogo Framework of Action era

Targets to be achieved by all member states (MS) by the end of 2014:
1. Establishment of a functional and equipped unit within the Ministry of Health to coordinate implementation of health sector disaster risk management (DRM) interventions;
2. Establishment of functional health sector subcommittees within national multi-sectoral DRM coordination committees;
3. Incorporation of DRM into national health legislation, national health policies, and health sector strategic plans;
4. Health disaster risk analysis and mapping using a multi-sectoral approach.
Targets to be achieved by all MS by the end of 2017:
5. A health preparedness planning and management process that includes planning, stockpiling essential supplies, resource allocation, emergency simulations, and regular updating of all risks in the country;
6. Incorporation of emergency and disaster early warning, preparedness, response, and recovery indicators in national disease surveillance and health information management systems;
7. Health facility safety and community resilience building based on disaster risk analysis and mapping;
8. Establishment of emergency and disaster response and recovery operations.
Targets to be achieved by all MS by the end of 2022:
9. All MS will have fully implemented the interventions set out in the regional strategy.