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Fig. 5

From: Air pollution, aeroallergens and admissions to pediatric emergency room for respiratory reasons in Turin, northwestern Italy

Fig. 5

Estimates of association of daily PM2,5, NO2, O3, and aeroallergen concentrations (panels ad, respectively) with ER admissions for respiratory diseases at different time lags, adjusted for medium/long-term trend function, day of the week, influenza outbreaks, holidays, summer population decrease, and for the meteorological variables (daily temperature, daily relative humidity, cumulative daily precipitations).* * Single-pollutant models, see “model B” in the Statistical analysis section of the article. Relative risks (RR) with 95%CIs are given for a 10 μg/m3 increase in PM2,5, NO2, O3 concentrations or a 10 grains/m3 increase in aeroallergen concentrations

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