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Table 1 Outcome-groups, outcomes and measuring instruments

From: Effectiveness evaluation of a health promotion programme in primary schools: a cluster randomised controlled trial

Type of outcome-group Outcomes to be measured Measuring instrument
Emotional and Social Experience at School Classroom Climate Questionnaire on Social and Emotional Experiences at School of Elementary School Children (FEESS 3-4 [40])
Attitude towards School
Feeling Accepted by the Teacher
Physical Activity Physical Activity during School Breaks The Physical Activity Questionnaire for Older Children (PAQ-C) [41]
Physical Activity Enjoyment Physical Activity Enjoyment Scale (PACES) [41, 44]
Well-being Psychological Well-being KIDSCREEN-52 health-related questionnaire [45]
Physical Well-being
Moods and Emotions
Sense of Coherence Bettge, S. [46]
Motor Skills Coordination with Precision subtests from the German Motoric Test [47]
Coordination under Time Pressure
Spatial Orientation Skills Children’s Coordination Test (KiKo) [48]
Complex Reaction Ability
Kinesthetic Differentiation Ability
Attention performance Attention and Concentration d2 Test [49]