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Table 3 Example posts for symptoms

From: Analysis of symptoms and their potential associations with e-liquids’ components: a social media study

Symptom Post
Lung 1. Before I even finished my first fill-up, I noticed a tightness in my upper lungs while exhaling, and an urge to cough that far exceeds the typical dripper’s throat-clearing feeling. I tried to power through it and keep vaping, but I felt like I was kind of dying and it kept getting worse.
2. While Mount Baker Vapor juices were not for me, they do serve a place among newbie/cash-strapped vapers who vape primarily through a tank…Every juice is 100 % VG…The menthol isn’t strong. Just enough to give you a nice cooling sensation in your lungs and on the exhale…Rating: 4/5
Cough 1. I am a complete Noobie Vaper…1 x USA Blend Tobacco E Juice Baker Vapor @ 50/50 pg/vg with 24 mg nic strength…Now I also realize I was coughing from it but nothing else, and I was straining my throat so bad I was coughing up blood from the vaper, Not from coughing excessively just a Cough once or twice and not hard as if I was smoking a cigarette.
2. I am new to vaping and decided to start with a vaporfi pro xl. For the most part it works fine except for the first 2–5 hits. They always taste really harsh, burnt, makes a lot of popping noises, and makes me cough quite a bit.
Phlegm 1. It just makes it more enjoyable and satisfies my sweet tooth. 50/50 is my go-to but I have yet to try a full VG mixture, as I have a slight PG allergy I think, where if I vape a 70/30 PG/VG for too long, my throat gets really dry and I get phlegmy from vaping. That’s just me though, some people do prefer the PG throat hit.
Sinus 1. Menthol tobacco – a perennial favourite, featuring sinus clearing satisfaction with that classic tobacco base note, sadly to my utter disgust… it works.
2. I vape vanilla custard all the time. Immediately after mixing it tastes good but has an alcoholish after taste and can be very unpleasant and lock up my nostrils. (most flavor concentrates contain some amount of alcohol) After steeping it for a week its beautiful and every hit opens up my sinuses like nothing else (70%vg)
Headache 1. I’ve ordered some 0 mg Strawberry from a local vendor. It’s 75/25 VG/PG. I just started vaping it, and all I taste is very very sweet (excruciatingly painful sweet) sugar. It gave me a headache after a few drags.
2. I find higher PG makes me vape less (due to the ‘fuller vape’ feeling from the increased throat hit), which in turn means less nicotine and less dehydration. Helped with my headaches.
Sleep disorder 1. I had made an vg mix with 5 g herb, and cinnamon cookies aroma, it was good but not so potent. It made me sleepy when I vape it, but now i use that to soak my herb into ago atomizer, and it gives a nice “cookie” taste :D
Tingle 1. Straw-menth (Nippy Strawberry) by Bumblebee Eliquids…This menthol coats the tongue, makes it tingle, but does not travel much further than that. It compliments the strawberry perfectly without it overpowering the overall flavour of the juice. Totally ADV material!
2. On opening the bottle, you get a lovely natural aroma of pineapple. There are hints of coconut in there. A slight tingle in the nostrils tells you that there is also a touch of menthol.
Fatigue 1. After the first week or so I noticed the vapor losing flavor rapidly. A few google searches later and I had a list of ‘fixes’ for vaper’s tongue/fatigue/etc.
2. Winter Nip: This is based on a 19th century boiled sweet I’ve never heard of - I can understand why it’s an historic relic. Winter Nip is an incredibly strong menthol e-liquid, with an ice cooling effect on top of that… I guess if you have a bad cold or flu - or at a push, severe vapers fatigue - then Winter Nip might be up your street.
Throat 1. Sweet Complexity: PG/VG: MAX VG. Nic strength: 3 mg. Awful, but not amazing either. Rating: 6/10 - Sore throats beware this juice.
2. Beeblebrox - 6 mg, 50/50 pg/vg. Rich pipe tobacco with a strong vanilla and savory spice kick. The tobacco flavor here is unique and quite unlike the generic “555” style Tobacco Absolute flavors commonly seen…Beeblebrox performs well with dense vapor production even at 50/50 pg/vg and has a mild yet satisfying throat hit. The room note is as pleasant as the juice itself…88/100
Mouth 1. Uuuuuuuuugh. I can taste what this was supposed to be, but it falls short. The fruit punch is there, but Bloodbath has an almost chalky mouth feel, and a weird chemical taste on the exhale…Rating: 3/5
2. I was a dipper myself…I tried it! to my surprise 3 mg was actually enough for me though i havent dipped in a while. (I wouldnt mind upping to 4 or 5 mg). however first i tried just regular mix. the %’s you use for vaping…WAY TO HIGH for what you want in your mouth. tasted like perfume…80vg/20 pg…3 mg nic…actually wasn’t bad…of course I didnt swallow. just spit like its dip haha.
Tongue 1. All juice was steeped for two weeks, max VG, 6 mg…Sweet Complexity. Vendor Brown sugar and rum steal the finish at the end of the exhale, just lingering on your tongue long enough to let you know it’s there, but it doesn’t overpower the other flavors…10.5/10
2. HELIX - 3 mg, 10/90 vg/pg…Described as melons, melons, and more melons. This was a good one…When I first juiced this one up, it was suuuuper smooth and delicious, but over time it sort of waffled between smooth and rough. Not rough like throat hit or coughing, but a kind of zingy mouthfee,l like when you eat too many lemons raw or how your tongue feels the day after you burn it on your tea. I’m going to chalk this roughness up to me wicking poorly though. Overall a good vape. 7.5/10
Teeth 1. Next up is a true southern taste known as Raspas…this flavor features crisp, ripe strawberries with a splash of tangy watermelon and a mild coconut finish…but now you can enjoy the flavor without your teeth chattering! Both of these flavors are from our Artisan Series of e-liquid with a 30 % PG and 70 % VG base.
2. It’s a 30 PG/70 VG mix with a vanilla custard base with an aftertaste of some delicious blueberry. Often times I find the super sweet juices like this one have a “heavy” feel to them and make me feel like my teeth are going to rot out of my head, but not this one. It’s light and just the right amount of subtle.
Lips 1. Every juice is 100 % VG, and 3 mg nicotine…A primarily melon flavor with hints of mixed fruits and berries. From the wretched bowels of Scumdogs to your lips. A true Gwar classic. My Thoughts: Tastes like a green apple Jolly Rancher mixed with something that goes from pleasant to unpleasant with every other hit… Rating: 3/5
2. One of the downsides from this is the heat buildup, it tends to get very very warm after chainvaping for a couple of minutes. If you build subohm coils like I did (0.4ohm dual) you’ll notice that chainvaping isn’t an option without burning your lips unless you use a delrin driptip.
Digestion 1. 100 % correct. I can’t vape much VG - I have terrible, terrible and embarrassing digestive problems when I go any higher than 25 or 30 % VG. I love the taste of Blu’s tobacco carts but they make me sick :(
Stomach 1. You must use around 90-95 % VG…TFA Menthol…I also liked some fruity flavors…I found 6 mg nic to be my speed, however!..oh, and in regards to gutting the e-juice. I never gut my dip, I preferred spitting and that translated into this method. but im sure it won’t hurt you, this stuff is food grade…however if you didn’t use to dip. i would steer clear from that method, as your stomach won’t be use to the nic.
2. I tried “LemonLock” was not good at all! I loaded up my Delta 2 with it and in about 5 min of raping this juice literally made me sick to my stomach.
Heartburn 1. All high VG…Cucumber Melon. When I first tried this months ago in a Subtank, it was fantastic. It was my favorite juice and I went through a few 120’s. When I had it then, it was cool and the melon was mellow. The cucumber was a nice exhale, and it was a nice ADV. I recently tried dripping it after not having it for a few months and the flavor was there, but it was harsh. Not really a throat hit, but it felt like heartburn.
Hearing 1. I am dealing with similure inner ear symptoms and suspected it may be related to PG. I did talked to my ENT Doc last week at a follow up appointment after my CT scan reveled my sinuses are 90 % backed up with a pretty bad sinus infection. I went in about 3 weeks ago for hearing loss thinking it was just earwax build up.
Chest 1. All juices are Max VG and available in 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, and 12 mg…The menthol is very well done and mild. Perfectly balanced with the flavors so that it compliments them without being overbearing. You get a nice cool sensation in your throat but no freezing of your face or chest.
2. Hello vaping world! 1–2 pack a day smoker. And well, the history with ecigs… I was then told that a different VV mod may be a better choice to get more vapor, so I spent the money for TW’s e-lectron (same as the ecom) battery, but then I started to notice a tightness in my chest, gave it up again (thinking it was vapor itself).
Cold 1. I bought my first e cigarette 2 days ago and since yesterday, I have something that feels a bit like a cold but not really. My nose is kind of runny but not with thick stuff. It’s rather thin…It got better today… but it’s still annoying and I blast through paper towels like it’s chocolate. It doesn’t happen during the vaping. I have 55/35 PG/VG liquid. So, what’s going on here? Is that normal?
Pressure 1. Many people have found vaporizers to be a powerful smoking cessation tool. Those who have switched have lowered their blood pressure, improved respiratory health, and improved their lifespan.
Allergy 1. I’ve got a pretty severe PG sensitivity, makes my throat swell up after a while. I used a relatively cheap but tasty brand (George Dickel), I’ve got mint and lemongrass steeping but I think those will take more like a week.
2. Selling the juice because I found out I really cant handle the PG (allergy). Most have a few ml missing due to trying them, a few are still full.
Cavity 1. Weird question here, is anyone else noticing their dental health has changed since using sweet liquids? Here’s some background: I’m an avid brusher, flosser and mouthwash user. I’ve never had a cavity before age 30 and suddenly my visit to the dentist last week revealed that I have 5 cavities!!! I always go to the dentist … I’ve not changed my diet habits or sweets intake and I take care of my teeth. In the past year, the only difference is that I started vaping (I know I’m weird, but I’ve never smoked actual cigarettes). So I’m thinking that maybe the sweet juice is causing cavities. I asked my dentist, but he doesn’t know a lot about vaping, but he thought maybe the sweet liquid could be a factor. I use a VP/PG mix from my local vape shop. It’s usually a banana/vanilla flavor. I know this is obscure, but I wanted to see if anyone else had this problem. I can’t find a lot online about it.