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Table 1 Positive affect intervention protocol for HIV-positive, methamphetamine-using MSM

From: A community-engaged randomized controlled trial of an integrative intervention with HIV-positive, methamphetamine-using men who have sex with men

Session Positive Affect Regulation Skills Additional Intervention Content
1 Noticing Positive Events Psychoeducation on Stimulant Withdrawal
Capitalizing on Positive Events Capitalizing on Non-Reactive Urine Toxicology
Gratitude Breathing Retraining with Positive Event Imagery
2 Mindfulness (Informal and Formal) Breath Meditation
3 Positive Reappraisal Problem-Focused Coping & Reasoned Action
Breath Meditation
4 Strengths Values Clarification
Attainable Goals Mountain Meditation
5 Altruism Volunteer opportunities
Linkage to More Intensive Community-Based Services
Loving Kindness Meditation