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Fig. 4

From: Factors associated with self-reported health: implications for screening level community-based health and environmental studies

Fig. 4

Odds Ratios (95 % CI) of poorer SRH for lifestyle domain variables. Odds Ratios are adjusted for age and sex. (a) Average hours per day watching television: index = 3 or more hours; referent = 2 or less hours. (b) Any vigorous activity in the last 30 days: index = no; referent = yes. (c) Any moderate activity in the last 30 days: index = no; referent = yes. (d) Days per week alcohol was consumed: referent = never drinks alcohol. (e) Home owned or rented: index = owned/being bought; referent = rented. (f) Reference category is never worried house would run out of food in the last 12 months. (g) Reference category is never true that could not afford balanced meals in the past 12 months

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