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Table 8 Severe Structural Abnormalities

From: Rationale, design, and methods for Canadian alliance for healthy hearts and minds cohort study (CAHHM) – a Pan Canadian cohort study

Abnormality Criteria
Brain infarct Diameter ≥15 mm or cortical location
Myocardial infarction High signal in LGE images from extended MRI scan or a segmental wall thickening of <10% (severe hypokinesis/akinesis) for at least 1 of the 16 standardized segments.
Aortic dilatation Thoracic ˃50 mm (men), ˃45 mm (women)
Abdominal ˃45 mm (men), ˃40 (women)
Valvular dysfunction Moderate or severe, with LV dilatation or dysfunction
Mass Positive criteria for malignancy or significant compression or infiltration of vital structures