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Table 2 Compulsory changes and possible additional activities to promote a healthy lifestyle

From: The Healthy Primary School of the Future: study protocol of a quasi-experimental study

Theme Situation of control schools Compulsory changes HPSotF PAS Additional activities in HPSotF and PAS
School hours ➢ 08:30–14:30/15:00 ➢ 08:30–15:30/16:00 X X  
  Obligatory lessons. Lunch break for lunch from school 30–60 min. Obligatory lessons. Lunch break and organised sports, free play and cultural activities of 75–90 min.    
School health policy ➢ No school health policy.     Changing existing policy into healthy lifestyle stimulating policy.
Healthy lifestyle education ➢ No nutritional and/or physical activity education.     ➢ ‘Lekker Fit’ program: healthy lifestyle education with physical activity and nutrition lessons as part of the curriculum [60].
Physical activity ➢ 30-min lunch break with free play. ➢ Organised sport, free play and cultural activities of at least 60 min a day. X X ➢ ‘By Foot And By Bike’ program: between-class competition focusing on active transport.
  ➢ 1 h PE/week.     ➢ Energizers: introducing short breaks of physical activity during lessons.
  ➢ No physical activity breaks.     ➢ Increased intensity of PE lessons [61].
  ➢ School yard with limited physical activity stimulating facilities.     ➢ At least 2 PE lessons a week
➢ Introducing swimming lessons.
➢ Schoolyard with a physical activity stimulating environment.
➢ Introduction lessons by sports clubs.
Nutrition ➢ Children eat foods brought along from home at school or they have lunch at home. ➢ Healthy lunch and morning snack provided by school. X - ➢ ‘Smaaklessen’ program: practical food tasting lessons [62].
➢ Keeping a vegetable garden at the school yard.
➢ Distribution of water bottles.
Socio-emotional well-being -     ➢ ‘Taakspel’ program: a group-based approach in which children learn to comply better with rules in the classroom [63].
Parents -     ➢ Website with general advice for healthy practices at home.
➢ ‘Gezonde afspraken met je kind’: e-health program to make healthy agreements with one’s child.
➢ ‘Goedkoop Gezonde Voeding’ program: learning about cheap and healthy nutrition.
➢ Interactive theatre: interactive evening to discuss (obstacles of) healthy practices at home.
➢ ‘COOL’ program: lifestyle intervention for overweight children and their parents
➢ ‘Lifestyle Triple P’ program: lifestyle intervention for parents of overweight children.
  1. Abbreviations: HPSotF healthy primary school of the future, PAS physical activity school, PE physical education