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Table 3 The Denver II-Jimma with its age norms (in months) for 25, 50, 75 and 90 % of children passing the test items within the different domains

From: Adaptation and standardization of a Western tool for assessing child development in non-Western low-income context

Item code Item label 25 % 50 % 75 % 90 % Item code Item label 25 % 50 % 75 % 90 %
Personal social domain      Fine motor domain     
PS1 Regard face birthb birthb,d birthb,d birthb,d FM1 Follow to midline birthb 0.1f 0.1e 0.2e
PS2 Smile responsively 0.8 1.1f 1.3d 1.6d FM2 Follow past midline 1.3 1.5f 2.2e 2.7d
PS3 Smile spontaneously 1.1 1.4e 1.6f 1.9e FM3 Grasp rattle 2.4 3.0d 3.6d 4.1d
PS4 Regard own hand 1.6 1.,8e 3.2e 4.1d FM4 Hands together 2.5 3.1f 3.7f 4.3d
PS5 Work for toy 3.1 4.5d 6.0f 7.6f FM5 Follow 180° 3.1 3.7f 4.3f 4.9d
PS6 Feed self a 4.0 5.9d 8.2f 10.5f FM6 Regard coffee bean a 4.1 4.5f 5.0f 5.4d
PS7 Play clapping game a 6.9 8.1e 9.4d 10.6d FM7 Reaches 4.2 4.7d 5.2d 5.6d
PS8 Indicate wants 6.1 8.1e 10.1d 12.2d FM8 Look for yarn 4.9 5.4d 6.0d 6.6d
PS9 Wave bye-bye/Say good-bye a 8.2 10.0f 11.8f 13.6d FM9 Rake coffee bean a 5.3 5.9d 6.4d 6.9d
PS10 Play ball with examiner 10.4 12.,2f 14.0f 15.8d FM10 Pass cube 6.2 7.4f 8.5f 9.7f
PS11 Imitate activities a 9.7 11.6d 13.4d 15.2d FM11 Take 2 cubes 5.8 6.9f 8.2f 9.5d
PS12 Drink from cup or glass a 9.7 11.8d 13.9d 16.0d FM12 Thumb-finger grasp a 6.5 7.5d 8.7d 9.9
PS13 Help in house 12.9 15.9f 18.4f 20.9f FM13 Bang 2 cubes held in hands 7.4 9.3f 11.3f 13.3f
PS14 Eats using spoon/fork/fingers a 11.7 14.5d 17.2d 20.0 FM14 Put block in cup 8.7 10.2d 11.7d 13.1d
PS15 Remove garment a 15.5 20.4f 24.5f 28.6f FM15 Scribbles a 10.7 13.4d 16.0d 18.6f
PS16 Feed doll a 14.4 19.5f 24.5f 29.7f FM16 Dump coffee bean, demonstrated a 10.9 13.5d 16.0d 18.5d
PS17 Put on clothing a 25.3 31.8f 38.1f 44.5f FM17 Tower of 2 cubes 12.6 15.6d 18.3d 21.0d
PS18 Wash mouth with help a 20.4 24.8f 29.1d 33.4d FM18 Tower of 4 cubes 16.4 19.3d 22.2d 25.1d
PS19 Wash and dry hands a 22.9 27.4f 32.4f 37.4d FM19 Tower of 6 cubes 19.7 23.1d 26.6d 30.1d
PS20 Name playmate a 22.8 28,3d 33.4d 38.6d FM20 Imitate vertical line 25.9 32.4f 37.7f 43.0f
PS21 Put on t-shirt a 34.2 40.8f 47.3f 53.8f FM21 Tower of 8 cubes 22.1 29.4f 35.0d 40.6d
PS22 Dress, no help a 43.9 50.5f 57.0f 63.5f FM22 Thumb wiggle 27.0 32.8d 38.4d 44.2d
PS23 Play social games a 31.8 41.6f 51.2d 60.9d FM23 Copy a O 38.7 43.1d 47.3d 51.6d
PS24 Clean face, no help a 37.9 46.8f 55.5d 64.4d FM24 Draw person—3 parts a 44.0 48.2d 52.3d 56.4d
PS25 Serve oneself injera a 31.7 46.5d 61.2f 76.0d FM25 Copya + 33.8 40.4d 46.9d 53.4d
PS26 Toilet-goingc 60.1 70.4d 80.6d 90.8d FM26 Pick longer line 33.8 40.4d 46.9d 53.4e
       FM27 Copy □ demonstrated 45.7 51.8d 57.7d 63.6d
       FM28 Draw person—6 partsa 52.4 57.5d 62.4d 67.4d
       FM29 Copya 52.3 58.2d 64.0d 69.8d
  Language domain       Gross motor domain     
LA1 Respond to bell birthb birthb,d birthb,d birthb,d GM1 Equal movement birthb birthb,d birthb,d birthb,d
LA2 Vocalizes birthb birthb,d 0.3f 1.0f GM2 Lift head birthb 0.1f 0.4f 0.7f
LA3 “Ooo”/ Aah 1.4 1.5f 1.6d 1.6e GM3 Head up 45° 1.6 2.4f 2.3f 2.6d
LA4 Laugh 2.0 2.2f 2.5d 2.7e GM4 Head up 90° 2.9 3.2f 3.6f 3.9d
LA5 Squeals 2.2 2.5f 2.8d 3.2e GM5 Sit head steady 3.0 3.3f 3.6f 3.9d
LA6 Turn to rattling sound 3.7 4.3f 4.8d 5.4d GM6 Bear weight on legs 3.1 3.4f 3.6d 3.8e
LA7 Turn to voice 4.5 5.2f 5.8d 6.5d GM7 Chest up-arm support 3.9 4.3f 4.6f 4.9d
LA8 Single syllables 4.6 5.5d 6.3d 7.1d GM8 Roll over 3.8 4.4f 4.9f 5.4d
LA9 Imitate speech sounds 5.2 6.5f 7.8f 9.1d GM9 Pull to sit, no head lag 4,4 4.9f 5.5f 6.0d
LA10 Dada/Baba/Mama, non-specific 5.7 6.7d 7.8d 8.8d GM10 Sit, no support 5,4 6.0d 6.6d 7.3d
LA11 Combine syllables 6.2 7.5f 8.8f 10.1d GM11 Stand, holding on 6,5 7.3d 8.3d 9.3d
LA12 Jabbers 7.0 8.5f 10.0f 11.5d GM12 Pull to stand 7,2 8.0d 8.9d 9.9d
LA13 Dada/Mama/baba, specific 8.8 10.2f 11.6d 12.9d GM13 Get to sitting 7,4 8.3d 9.2d 10.1d
LA14 One word 10.1 11.9d 13.6d 15.3d GM14 Stand 2 s 8,6 9.7d 10.7d 11.6d
LA15 2 words 11.5 13.8f 15.9d 18.0d GM15 Stand alone 9,8 11.3d 12.3d 13.4d
LA16 3 words 13,5 15.6f 17.7f 19.8d GM16 Stoop and recover 11,6 13.2d 14.8f 16.4f
LA17 6 words 16,5 19.1f 21.8f 24.4f GM17 Walk well 11,3 13.1d 14.9f 16.7f
LA18 Point 2 pictures 20,8 24.0f 27.2f 30.3f GM18 Walk backwards 11,9 14.9d 17.4f 19.9f
LA19 Combine words 18,7 21.3d 23.9d 26.4d GM19 Runs 14,4 16.6d 18.9d 21.2d
LA20 Name 1 picture 20,1 23.2f 26.2f 29.3d GM20 Walk up steps a 13,9 16.9d 19.6d 22.3d
LA21 Body parts 6 a 20,3 23.0f 25.6f 28.2d GM21 Kick ball forward 14,2 17.6d 21.0d 24.4d
LA22 Point 4 pictures 25,9 31.0f 35.9f 40.9f GM22 Jump up 24.0 27.0f 31.0f 35.0f
LA23 Speech, half understandable 20,5 24.2f 27.8d 31.5e GM23 Throw ball overhand 16.9 22.1d 27.2f 32.4d
LA24 Name 4 pictures 27,6 32.5f 37.3f 42.1f GM24 Broad jump 31.7 35.6d 39.3f 43.1f
LA25 Know 2 actions 24,5 29.5d 34.4d 39.4d GM25 Balance each foot 1 s 23.4 28.9d 33.0d 37.1d
LA26 Know 2 adjectives 30,9 35.1d 39.1d 43.3d GM26 Balance each foot 2 s 23.9 31.2e 36.4e 41.6e
LA27 Name 1 color a 40,3 45.1d 49.8f 54.6f GM27 Hops 31.9 38.5d 45.0d 51.5d
LA28 Use of 2 objects a 30,4 35.6f 40.7d 45.8d GM28 Balance each foot 3 s 29.8 36.1d 42.2e 48.4e
LA29 Count 1 block 36,6 41.9d 47.0f 52.2f GM29 Balance each foot 4 s 33.8 40.0e 46.0e 52.1e
LA30 Use of 3 objects a 32,3 37.5d 42.7d 47.8d GM30 Balance each foot 5 s 39.2 44.8e 50.2e 55.8e
LA31 Know 4 actions 32,4 38.5e 44.4f 50.4d GM31 Heel-to-toe walk 49.1 55.5d 61.8d 68.1d
LA32 Speech all understandable 28,4 36.3f 44.0f 51.8d GM32 Balance each foot 6 s 41.8 47.9e 53.8e 59.7e
LA33 Understand 4 prepositions 30,8 37.5d 44.0d 50.7e       
LA34 Name 4 colors a 51,9 56.8f 61.5f 66.3f       
LA35 Define 5 words a 47,4 54.3f 61.0d 67.8d       
LA36 Know 3 adjectives 34,5 40.6d 46.5d 52.5e       
LA37 Count 5 blocks a 49,0 54.3d 59.4d 64.6d       
LA38 Opposites-2 48,5 54.0d 59.2d 64.5d       
LA39 Define 7 words a 59,1 66.8f 74.2f 81.8f       
  1. PS personal social, FM fine motor-adaptive, LA language, GM gross motor items
  2. aAdapted test items (written in bold)
  3. bThe child is able to perform or pass the task soon after birth
  4. cNewly added test item removed at final consensus meeting
  5. dItem achieved at no significantly different ages it is achieved in Denver II (achieved at similar age)
  6. eItem achieved at a significantly earlier age than the age it is achieved in Denver II (achieved at earlier age)
  7. fItem achieved at a significantly later age than the age it is achieved in Denver II (achieved at later age)