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Table 1 Thematic analysis framework

From: Developing a mHealth intervention to promote uptake of HIV testing among African communities in the UK: a qualitative study

Health belief model construct Themes
Perceived Susceptibility to HIV • Community-defined risk
• Unfair targeting
• Invulnerability
Perceived Severity of HIV • Awareness of HIV
• Fear of consequences
• Social stigma and taboo
Perceived Benefits for HIV Testing • Staying healthy
• Receiving support
• Protecting others
Perceived Barriers for HIV Testing • Lack of knowledge about testing issues
• Accessibility of services
• Culture of health seeking
• Complex lives
Self-efficacy • Trust in health providers
• Trust and support of communities
Cues to Action • Visibility and awareness raising
• Personalisation and targeting
Views on the Proposed SMS Intervention • Perceived benefits and concerns
• Message content
• Intervention structure