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Table 3 Parental support behaviour domains, by type of support

From: The impact of different types of parental support behaviours on child physical activity, healthy eating, and screen time: a cross-sectional study

Type Motivational Instrumental Regulatory Conditional
Physical Activity • I encourage my child to walk or cycle to places (e.g., friend’s houses, school) if they are reasonably close
• I encourage my child to use resources in our community to be active (e.g., parks)
• I encourage my child to be active outdoors with friends and family
• I enroll my child in sports teams, clubs, or community-based programs where < HE/SHE > can be active (e.g., Boys & Girls club, YMCA)
• I take my child to places where < HE/SHE > can be active
  • I take part in physical activities with my child
• I watch my child play sports or do other activities (e.g., martial arts, dance)
Healthy Eating • I encourage my child to help choose and prepare snacks and meals
• I encourage my child to eat breakfast
• I serve raw vegetables and/or fruit for snacks between meals   • I eat meals prepared or purchased at fast food restaurants with my child
• We eat meals as a family away from the TV
Screen Time • I encourage my child to limit their screen time during leisure time   • I enforce rules about my child’s screen time • My family watches TV together