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Table 1 Circumstances of crashes directly involving streetcar (N = 83) or train tracks (N = 4), with examplesa

From: Bicycling crashes on streetcar (tram) or train tracks: mixed methods to identify prevention measures

Tire caught in track flangeway, N = 74 (85.1 % of track injuries)
Intersection examples
 I had been cycling on the right side of the road but I wanted to make a left turn and while moving to the centre of the lane my bike wheels got caught in the streetcar tracks.
 As I approached an intersection, there was a car in front of me turning right. To go straight, I moved around the car into the left lane but as I did, my front tire got stuck in the streetcar track.
 I had a green light so I proceeded through the light. A cyclist turned right onto the bike path I came from. I swerved to avoid her and my wheel got caught in the train track.
Non-intersection examples
 As I was cycling in the curb lane, a truck passed me, stopped and turned on his hazards. I went around him on the left which put me between the street car tracks. As I was going over the street car tracks my back wheel got caught.
 There was an ambulance coming from behind me and a car parallel parking in front of me. I moved across the tracks to avoid the car. When I attempted to move back into the right lane, my back wheel got caught in the streetcar track.
 I was biking in the right hand lane and in front of me a woman opened her car door. I moved to the center lane, but as I was moving back to the right lane my front tire got caught in a streetcar track.
 There were three big trucks parked in the curb lane. I moved into the lane beside me to avoid them. I looked back to move back into the curb lane when my front tire got caught in the streetcar tracks.
 There was another cyclist ahead of me. I moved into the left lane and passed her. When I attempted to move back into the right lane, my front wheel got caught in a street car track.
Tire slipped on track rail, N = 13 (14.9 % of track injuries)
 The roads were very wet and slick. I was travelling south, turning left. I was leaning into the turn. I hopped over the first streetcar rail and was getting ready to cross the next rail when my back tire slipped on the track.
 I came to two sets of railway tracks. I slowed down and crossed the first set but when I started to cross the second set, my front tire slid on the wet track.
  1. aAs described by injured cyclists in Toronto