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Table 3 Career Readiness

From: The Building Wealth and Health Network: methods and baseline characteristics from a randomized controlled trial for families with young children participating in temporary assistance for needy families (TANF)

Employment Hope Mean SD
 When working or looking for a job, I am respectful towards who I am. 9.7 1.0
 I am worthy of working in a good job. 9.7 1.0
 I am capable of working in a good job. 9.8 0.7
 I have the strength to overcome any obstacles when it comes to working. 9.4 1.2
 I am going to be working in a career job. 9.2 1.7
 I feel energized when I think about future achievement with my job. 9.3 1.5
 I am aware of what my skills are to be employed in a good job. 9.5 1.3
 I am aware of what my resources are to be employed in a good job. 9.0 1.7
 I am able to utilize my skills to move toward career goals. 9.2 1.6
 I am able to utilize my resources to move toward career goals. 9.0 1.7
 I am on the road toward my career goals. 8 2.7
 I am in the process of moving forward reaching my goals. 8.7 2.0
 Even if I am not able to achieve my financial goals right away, I will find a way to get there. 9.4 1.3
 My current path will take me to where I need to be in my career. 8.5 2.3
General Self-Efficacy 31.1 4.9
 I can always manage to solve difficult problems if I try hard enough. 3.5 0.6
 If someone is against me, I can find ways to get what I want. 2.5 1.0
 It is easy for me to stick to my aims and reach my goals. 3.2 0.8
 I am confident that I could deal with unexpected events. 3.1 0.7
 Thanks to my resourcefulness, I know how to handle unforeseen situations that I don’t expect. 3.1 0.8
 I can solve most problems if I put in the necessary effort. 3.4 0.7
 I can remain calm when facing difficulties because I can rely on my coping abilities. 3.0 0.9
 When I am faced with a problem, I can usually find several solutions. 3.0 0.8
 If I am in trouble, I can usually think of a solution. 3.1 0.8
 I can usually handle whatever comes my way. 3.2 0.7