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Table 4 Students’ engagement with Operation Smoke Storm

From: A qualitative evaluation of a novel intervention using insight into tobacco industry tactics to prevent the uptake of smoking in school-aged children

a) I liked how it was more on them, it wasn't me at the front just talking to them. It was them watching stuff and then answering questions about it. So it really got them involved. (School 2, Teacher 5)
b) You can use your imagination to create it and make it what you want to make it. (School 2, M)
c) I’ve got a couple of kids in my class who are dyspraxic and dyslexic, because there’s not a lot of reading it was really good for them, they liked the tick box stuff, but then when we got to this section of ‘remember all this information and now create your own’, they found that more difficult because they hadn’t retained the information as well. (School 1, Teacher 1)