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Table 1 Interview guide used on the study of API in Ethiopia

From: Self-reported acute pesticide intoxications in Ethiopia

Section Items in the interview guide
Socio-demographic information Identification: House Number: _______; Village: ___________
Gender:     1. Male     2. Female
Age in years: __________
Are you head of the household? (yes/no)
How many people live in the family? 1. Male: _____ 2. Female: ____3. Total: ______
What is the level of your education in school years? ________________
Current job What is your current job?
   1. Farmer-own land
   2. Flower farm worker (greenhouse, pack-house, sprayer, other)
   3. Other (Office worker, small private business, housewife)
Work experience How long have you been working in this job?
Pesticide use Do you use pesticide at home for pest control? (yes/no)
Do you use pesticides on your own farm? (if a farmer) (yes/no)
Do they use/spray pesticides in the flower farm? (if you are working in the flower farm) (yes/no)
Pesticide-related health problems experienced Have you ever felt health problems within 48 h of exposure to pesticides in the last 12 months?
1. Never   2. Once   3. Several times   4. Not exposed to pesticides
If you ever had health problem within 48 h of exposure to pesticides, which health symptoms did you experienced? (Tick off all the symptom (s) mentioned by the respondents from the below list)
   1. Headache    12. Abdominal cramp
   2. Dizziness    13. Chest tightness
   3. Excessive sweeting    14. Dyspnea
   4. Salivation    15. Morning cough
   5. Confusion    16. Day/night time cough
   6. Weakness    17. Shortness of breath
   7. Anxiety    18. Wheezing
   8. Loss of consciousness    19. Miosis
   9. Bradycardia    20. Eye tear
   10. Vomiting    21. Rash on hand
   11. Diarrhea    22. Skin rash
Exposure to pesticides If you ever had health problem within 48 h of exposure to pesticides, the exposure to pesticides occurred through:
   1. Pesticide application for household pest control
   2. Pesticide application at own farm or working at sprayed farm
   3. While pesticide application or working at sprayed flower farm
Smoking Do you currently smoke cigarette (tobacco) daily? (yes/no)