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Table 2 Coding Structure

From: To what extent do Australian child and youth health policies address the social determinants of health and health equity?: a document analysis study

Main categories (codes) Codes (sections of text can be coded against several codes)
(a) Goals 5 codes re gains in intended gains in health status specified as either:
 • average health
 • subject to ill health
 • equity groups
 • Close the Gap
 • Across the gradient
(b) Recognition of evidence on the SDH & HE  • Acknowledge
 • Audit
(c) and (d) Objectives & Strategies
Both of these categories are coded against the same codes.
 • Environmental health
 • Research
 • Policy development and governance
 • Workforce
 • Health Service quality
 • Health service access
 • Collaboration between health services
 • Health promotion and disease prevention
 • Community engagement
 • Cross sector activity
 • Social determinants of health (other than health service access)
   • home environment
   • early childhood development
   • education
   • health settings;
   • employment/workplace conditions
   • housing
   • urban planning
   • public transport
   • regulatory measures
 • And reducing social inequalities
Note: Strategies were all double coded against intended outcomes in regards to health equity