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Table 1 Selected Policies-Australian child and youth health policies

From: To what extent do Australian child and youth health policies address the social determinants of health and health equity?: a document analysis study

Strategic health service plans
1. Child Health & Parenting Service (CHAPS)-Strategic Plan 2009–2014, Tasmania (TAS)
2. Supporting families early-SAFE START strategic policy 2009, New South Wales (NSW)
3. Supporting Families Early Package—maternal and child health primary health care policy 2009, New South Wales (NSW)
4. Aboriginal Family Health Strategy 2011–2016, NEW SOUTH WALES (NSW)
5. Strategic framework for paediatric health services in Victoria 2009, Victoria (VIC)
6. CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) in communities 2006, Victoria (VIC)
7. Children, Youth and Women’s Health Service (CYWHS) Strategic Plan 2011–2015, South Australia (SA)
8. Our children our future: A framework for Child and Youth Health Services in Western Australia 2008–2012, Western Australia (WA)
9. Our Children Our Future 2011–2021, Tasmania (TAS)
Comprehensive and cross sector approaches to child and youth health and well-being
10. ACT Children’s Plan: Vision and building blocks for a child-friendly city 2010–2014, Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
11. Youth Health Policy 2011–2016: Healthy bodies, healthy minds, vibrant futures, New South Wales (NSW)
Policies that addressed specific childhood health issues
12. NSW Governments Plan for Preventing Overweight & Obesity in Children, Young people & their Families 2009–2011, New South Wales (NSW)
13. Keep Them Safe: A shared approach to child well being 2009–2014, New South Wales (NSW)
14. Guidelines on the Management of Sexual Health Issues in Children and Young People 2011, Northern Territory (NT)
Broader health policies (with dedicated a chapter or section to children’s health)
15. Victorian (VIC) Public Health and Well Being Plan 2011–2015 (chapter early childhood and education)
16. Primary Prevention Plan 2011–2016 (section on children and youth), South Australia (SA)
17. Preventative Health—Strategic Direction 2010–2013 (section on children), Queensland (QLD)