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Table 3 Recommendations for refinement of the BCI

From: Behaviour change intervention for smokeless tobacco cessation: its development, feasibility and fidelity testing in Pakistan and in the UK

Element Recommendation Implementation
Layout and structure Advisors in the UK stressed that there is a need for an assessment form to complement the resource (ALEI001/d). We have developed a form where advisors can record information about their clients to complement the resource and assist with data collection for their services.
Layout and structure Advisor participants suggested combining the handbook and picture cards together to improve deliverability. We restructured the resource and developed a flipbook so that the guidance note for the advisor appears at the back of each picture card.
Content The majority of UK participants felt that information on nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) should be included in the resource as it is routinely offered to clients and is an important part of the service that they offer (ATH002/b). Advisors felt that prescribing or advising on NRTs further motivates clients to quit (ATH001/b). Participants in Pakistan did not comment on this as NRTs are not currently available there. AS there is no scientific evidence of the effectiveness of NRTs in SLT users, we have not included NRT support at this stage within the resource.
  1. A number of other suggestions were made on the contents from participants throughout the BCI. All these detail specific recommendations were incorporated within the BCI when refined