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Table 4 Key self-reported measures of adolescent health behaviors collected at adolescent time points (Time 1, Time 2 and Young Adult)

From: Rationale, design and methods for the RIGHT Track Health Study: pathways from childhood self-regulation to cardiovascular risk in adolescence

Measure Subscales Resources
Diet and Eating Regulation
Three-Factor Eating Questionnaire Restraint Stunkard & Messick (1985)
Adolescent Food Habits Questionnaire Adolescent healthy eating behavior (global summary scale indicative of consumption of specific foods, food purchases and preparations; items refer to both healthy & unhealthy behaviors.) Johnson, Wardle, & Griffith (2002)
Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviors
Godin Leisure-Time Exercise Questionnaire Light Godin & Shephard (1985); Jacobs et al. (1993)
“Sweat-Breaking” Physical Activity
Sedentary Behavior Total inactive hours Gortmaker et al. 1999; Utter et al 2003; Harvard School of Public Health Nutrition Dept WebPage;
Hours of TV/DVD/video viewing
Hours of computer use
Hours of sedentary electronic games
Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index Sleep Quality Buysse, Reynolds, Monk, Berman, & Kupfer (1988)
Sleep Latency
Sleep Duration
Habitual Sleep Efficiency
Sleep Disturbance
Use of Sleep Medication
Daytime Dysfunction
Global Score
Instruments Assessing Multiple Health Behaviors
Youth Risk Behavior Survey Tobacco Use Brener, Collins, Kann, Warren, & Williams (1995); Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2012)
Alcohol & Other drug use
Dietary Behaviors
Physical Activity