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Table 1 Factors, survey items, factor loading and percentage of variance

From: Understanding help-seeking intentions in male military cadets: An application of perceptual mapping

Factor and Items Factor Loading % Variance
Factor 1: Self-reliance   35.9 %
It would seem weak to ask for help .773  
Asking for help is surrendering authority over my life .751  
I feel better about self knowing I didn’t need help .666  
I like to be in charge of everything in my life .607  
I think less of myself for needing help .602  
Nobody knows about my problems .590  
I do not want to appear weaker than my peers .588  
I like to make my own decisions and not be influenced by others. .575  
Don’t like people telling me what to do .533  
Factor 2: Resignation   9.4 %
I’d prefer to suck it up rather than dwell on my problems .821  
Problems like this are a part of life; they’re just something you have to deal with .796  
I’d prefer to wait until I’m sure the health problem is a serious one .793  
The problem wouldn’t be a big deal; it would go away in time .753  
I wouldn’t want to overreact to a problem that wasn’t serious .718  
The problem wouldn’t seem worth getting help for .686  
Factor 3: Privacy   7.3 %
I don’t want some stranger touching me in ways I’m not comfortable with .784  
I don’t like taking my clothes off in front of people .783  
I wouldn’t want someone of the same sex touching my body .667  
Sharing personal medical information is embarrassing .621  
I don’t like feeling controlled by others .502  
Factor 4: Emotional Control   5.9 %
I’d rather not show people what I’m feeling. .847  
I don’t like to get emotional about things. .824  
I don’t like to talk about feelings. .746  
I wouldn’t want to look stupid for not knowing how to figure this problem out. .666  
Privacy is important to me, and I don’t want other people to know about my problems .489  
Factor 5: Structural Barriers to Help-Seeking   5.6 %
I wouldn’t know what sort of help was available .854  
I would have real difficulty finding transportation to a place I can get help .849  
Financial difficulties would be an obstacle to getting help .740  
A lack of health insurance would prevent me from asking for help .653  
People typically expect something in return when they provide help .484  
I don’t trust doctors and other health professionals .408