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Table 8 Summary of pros and cons from reviewer opinions for the Fitbit Flex

From: A comparison of wearable fitness devices

Reviewer Name Article Name Review Date Reference Site Advantages (Pros) Disadvantages (Cons)
Weebly Fitbit Flex review 10-Aug-14 [27] 1. Comfy wristband form factor 1. Does not track flights of stairs (like the Fitbit One)
2. Shower-safe water resistance 2. Always visible if worn with short sleeves
3. Very adjustable wristband 3. No screen on device to show detailed information on goal progress
4. Progress lights tell you how close you are to reaching your daily goal 4. Very hard to attach to wrist and can pop off (while canoeing, for me)
5. Wireless syncing 5. Have to tap band repeatedly to enter/exit sleep mode or stop the silent alarm
6. Great integration with existing fitness apps like MyFitnessPal 6. Chopping veggies can trigger sleep mode
7. Strong social features including adding friends with a Fitbit device or other Fitbit users, a competition
Ben Lippert Fitbit Flex:Pros and Cons of the wearable activity tracker 13-Aug-13 [28] 1. Best fit for running or walking 1. Fitbit does not play well with bicycles
2. Tracks everything relating to your activities and sleep, except for stair quantity 2. It is good for any activities that involve free swinging the arms
3. Battery long last seven days on a single charge 3. It is good when tracking sleep sessions, but sometime the Fitbit going into sleep mode from excessive vibration of the wrist.
4. Water resistance
5. Good alarm function
6. Calories features is smart
Articles by: Suzie Fitbit Flex review 15-Mar [29] 1. It is easy to wear all the time 1. Can only charge the tracker with the USB cable
2. Water resistant 2. It takes a lot of work in the beginning to establish your food menu
3. Uploads status automatically through Bluetooth or dongle. 3. Sometimes has trouble tapping the tracker into sleep mode
4. Notification alert to let me know when my battery is running low
5. Learning curve to get the most from it, the dashboard is a colorful and fun display of my activity
Bethany Gordon Fitbit Flex review Only year mentioned (2015) [30] 1. Excellent interface 1. This device does not have a screen
2. Excellent app 2. Only view your data from your computer or your phone