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Table 7 Summary of pros and cons from reviewer opinions for the Withings Pulse

From: A comparison of wearable fitness devices

Reviewer Name Article Name Review Date Reference Site Advantages (Pros) Disadvantages (Cons)
Weebly Withings Pulse smart activity tracker review No mention [22] 1. Captures heart rate information 1. Not shower safe
2. Captures flights of stairs climbed and elevation climbed 2. Easy to misplace (leave in pockets, etc.)
3. Checks running stats (duration and distance travelled) in real time
4. Automatic wireless syncing
5. Captures sleep (duration, quality, light versus deep sleep, interruptions)
6. Screen with constant feedback
7. Discreet and versatile wearing options
8. Battery charge lasts up to 14 days
9. App also pulls in data wirelessly
10. Internet site available for Withings devices
Scott Stein withings Pulse O2 review 25-Apr-2014 [23] 1. Excellent Pedometer 1. Can not read your heart rate without the band on
2. Excellent Application 2. Screen is not always on
3. Free iOS and Android apps 3. The screen is not easy to read under sunlight
4. Accurate heart rate monitoring 4. Not water-resistant
5. Affordably priced 5. Awkward as a watch
DC Rain-maker Withings Pulse in-depth review 21-Nov-13 [24] 1. Can record resting heart rate quickly and easily 1. The unit is a bit chubbier than some others
2. Display is clear and easy to understand 2. Does not track heart rate throughout, only on demand
3. Good battery life 3. Does not automatically go from sleeping mode to wake mode, must switch manually
4. Good ability to connect to 3rd-party platforms/sites
Mikey Campbell Withings Pulse with built-in heart rate monitor review 4-Nov-13 [25] 1. Variety of sensors 1. Lack of meaningful data presentation
2. Impressive data accuracy 2. Display lag, touchscreen problems
3. Flexible carry options 3. Wearability limited to belt clip
Julie Strielmeier Withings Pulse activity tracker review 23-Aug-13 [26] 1. Size 1. Syncing problem
2. Can see all important info right on the device itself unlike some devices 2. Sleep data is not always accurate and the detailed data could use some beefing up to show more info
3. Wireless syncing is a real plus 3. It does not work with a standalone computer
4. The built-in heart rate sensor is super easy to use