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Table 5 Comparison of opinions (summarized from seven subjects for each device)

From: A comparison of wearable fitness devices

Opinion About Features Jawbone Up24 Fitbit Flex Withings Pulse Misfit Shine
Design Light and good for any sport Device design is good and sleek, it is good for any sports Design is not attractive but the fabric band can hold it as a wristband Design is very attractive, beautiful, and fashionable
Display Easy to tap the screen to activate Easy to tap the screen to activate Display is large and shows the activity tracking without any smartphone sync. Display is a clock; it can also be used as a watch, but in the sunshine, it is hard to see the LED display
Water Resistance It is water resistant, but as per the manual, it is less waterproof It can be used in the shower without worry As per the manual, it is not water resistant It is designed for swimming, water resistance is high
UI App 1. Tips on app and how to use always shown on home screen 1. App UI is colorful and fun, easy to use 1. Display is easy to use and colorful 1. Display is beautiful and easy to understand
  2. Enjoyable fitness tracker 2. Nutrient analysis is very detailed 2. Dashboard log is easy to check all activity 2. It has a goal tracker to let you know your daily activity
  3. Dashboard shows the overall daily activity 3. Dashboard shows the overall daily activity 3. The heart rate function is good for checking your health status 3. App can share with your friends and show how your friends are seeking their goals
Metric Function Sleep tracking is main function and is very detailed but is difficult to use Food and nutrient calculation is main function and is very easy to use Pulse O2 measurement is main function and can help you detect your heart status Goal tracking is main function; you can check against your status to seek your goal
Battery It can charge only through the USB cable It has a battery indicator to check the battery status, but it has high battery consumption It has a battery indicator to check the battery status, battery can last many days It is comfortable, no need to charge the battery
Synchronization Slow synchronization Slow synchronization but always loses connection Fast synchronization, data can be sent via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Fast synchronization, but easy to lose connection
Others (Disadvantage/Cons) 1. The device requires smartphone to display 1. It requires smartphone 1. Design is not modern 1. It requires smartphone
  2. No display on itself 2. Slow synchronization 2. If the battery is low, the device cannot connect, data transfer progress on smartphone is inaccurate 2. It has slow synchronization, not always updated in real time
  3. Sleep tracking results are difficult to use and non-automatic 3. The device is confusing, sometimes it needs restarting 3. Sleep tracking is not automatic 3. Sometimes gives inaccurate display
  4. Cannot share data through social networks 4. Tracking problem when climbing or descending stairs 4. Not waterproof 4. Tracking problem when climbing or descending stairs (inaccurate)
  5. Most expensive among four devices 5. High battery consumption 5. Automatic loss of syncing 5. The display does not always respond to finger tapping
  6. It is not fully waterproof 6. Data does not update sometimes 6. Screen is difficult to see in sunlight 6. No nutrient analysis
  7. Slow synchronization 7. Calorie count is not easy to use and only European food included in database 7. No nutrient analysis 7. Always disconnected from mobile phone