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Table 2 Comparison of smartphone UI applications of four wearable devices

From: A comparison of wearable fitness devices

Features Jawbone Up24 Fitbit Flex Withings Pulse Misfit Shine
Smartphone App Name Up Tracker Fitbit Health Mate (Withings) Misfit
User Login Email or Facebook ID Email Email Email or Facebook ID
Make ID and Username Yes Yes Yes Yes
Goal Setting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Progress of Activity to Goal Yes Yes Yes Yes
Daily Report Yes Yes Yes Yes
Step Counting Bar graph and number Bar graph Bar graph and number Number
Distance (km) Number (distance calculated) Bar graph (number on bar graph) Number (distance calculated) Number (distance calculated)
Sleep Tracking Bar graph and number of average sleep Sleep log Sleep bar graph Sleep log
Sleep Detailed Sound sleep, light sleep, fell asleep, average bed time, uninterrupted sleep, average wake time Total sleep, restless, awake In bed, asleep in, awake, woke up, total sleep Total sleep, deep sleep, sleep
Weight Progression Yes Yes Yes Yes
Caloric Analysis Yes Yes Yes Yes
Food Input Bar code scan, input type of food Select food from the list No No
Nutrient Analysis in Detail Yes (show % nutrient info) No (only calorie calculation) No No
Heart Rate Measurement No No Yes No
Heart Rate Log No No Yes No
Watch Function Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fitness Tracking Show active activity; not specific Yes (running, weightlifting, others) No Yes (swimming and cycling)
Fitness Coach No No Yes No