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Table 7 Children’s’ understanding of the health messages received during the intervention

From: Effect of a sport-for-health intervention (SmokeFree Sports) on smoking-related intentions and cognitions among 9-10 year old primary school children: a controlled trial

Health messages Quotes
Health implications of smoking “The [SFS] games show you the damage that [smoking] does to your arteries and lungs” (Boy, School 3).
“A smoker would get more phlegm and a non-smoker would get less phlegm” (Boy, School 4, Gp 1).
Impact on sports performance “Your heart beats faster when you’re doing exercise when you’re a smoker” (Boy, School 5).
“If you smoked you wouldn’t be able to run as long or play as long as other [non-smoking] people” (Boy, School 3).
Cigarette contents and addiction “There’s over 4,000 chemicals in a cigarette and they’re not nice, rat poison, nicotine, rocket fuel” (Girl, School 6).
“I wouldn’t [smoke] because it’s addictive and you won’t be able to stop cos of the nicotine” (Girl, School 5).
Impact on weight “People think when you smoke you lose weight but you really don’t” (Boy, School 5).
“It’s healthier not to smoke and there’s no difference in your weight, you’re just better off not smoking”(Boy, School 6).